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I treat my clients like family 562.505.1921 Lic. Nº 01808007

About Santiago Ogradón Cortés

I am passionate about client empowerment. I keep them as educated and informed as they are comfortable with being. I personally tend to their business, never passing them to someone else, and my TC is fully licensed. I actively participate in giving out and receiving referrals, following up on them and giving reports on those I receive. Relationships with my clients and fellow realtors are not only important but a joy.

Latest Blog Posts

Are We in Another Housing "Bubble"?

Many people think we are, buy why? What is their evidence? Expensive prices? For a "crash" to occur, several factors have to come into play, and one of them is not a prediction by a favorite guru.

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A Better Credit Score for a Lower Interest Rate

It's a new year and perhaps you are thinking of buying a home before prices or interest rates go up even more, and you'd like to improve your credit. It makes sense, because a higher credit score

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These Credit Mistakes Can Kill Your Home Purchase

After all the competition it takes in today's market to finally get into contract, the last thing you want to hear from your lender is that you suddenly no longer qualify for the loan! Yet that is

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New Credit Reporting and Scoring Coming!

Your credit score is a mystery right now. The three credit bureaus do not use identical scoring ranges; when you get dinged, it seems to be a secret until the last minute, and it almost takes an act

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